We write and speak about the intersection of data science research, practice, and leadership.

Breaking Into Data Science with PyData Pittsburgh
I joined a handful of experienced data science leaders to share our advice and perspectives about what it takes to get a job in data science or machine learning.
Jupyter in Production at PyData Pittsburgh
I was pleased to present a version of my talk Jupyter in Production for a gathering of the PyData Pittsburgh group.
Re-Launching PyData Pittsburgh
I'm happy to share that I've joined the leadership team of the PyData Pittsburgh group. With over 900 members on Meetup.com, PyData Pittsburgh serves as the primary Python meetup group for the Pittsburgh region and a hub for the local data science and data engineering communities.
Jupyter in Production at Rev 3
In this talk, I highlight how a new ecosystem of tools can help you to develop and distribute software libraries, build and run data pipelines, and create and serve interactive reports and dashboards — all without leaving Jupyter Notebooks.
Data Science Leadership Exchange with Data Science Central
I joined Brian Loyal, Cloud Analytics Lead at Bayer Crop Science, and Matt Cornett, Director of Data Science at Transamerica, to talk about the pros and cons of different organizational structures for data science teams and ideas for optimizing each stage of the data science project lifecycle.
Analytics Panel Discussion with Pittsburgh Data Science
I was happy to join the Pittsburgh Data Science Group for a panel discussion about how local technology leaders are applying advanced analytics within their teams and businesses.