Re-Launching PyData Pittsburgh

I’m happy to share that I’ve joined the leadership team of the PyData Pittsburgh group. With over 900 members on, PyData Pittsburgh serves as the primary Python meetup group for the Pittsburgh region, and as a hub for the local data science and data engineering communities. As part of re-launching the group, we’ve formally affiliated with NumFOCUS, the premier organization promoting open source software for scientific computing.

I’m pleased to partner with Pete Fein in this effort, as well as the rest of PyData Pittsburgh’s core members. If you’re interested in data engineering in Python, be sure to check out the work Pete is doing over at Snakedev.

Engaging with local and global technology communities has always been a central part of my identity as a data scientist and leader, going back to my time as a leader for the Charlottesville Data Science Group and a founding organizer of the Applied Machine Learning Conference. I’m delighted to get back to work building communities for data scientists and data engineers!

If you’re interested in learning more about PyData Pittsburgh, please check us out on MeetupLinkedIn, or reach out to me directly.